Top 10 UFC & MMA Fails

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reebok fail mma ufc 2015

2. Reebok jersey fails

Perhaps the Reebok Jersey flubs made the number two on the list because of how hilarious the errors were during their ‘big’ kit reveal earlier this year (2015). Maybe it’s the fact the apparel giant had received so much negative press that the expectation was a very professional and polished product, or it could just be the hoo-haa that surrounded the event and the theatrical undertones of the day itself. Whatever the case, Reebok really dropped the ball on this one.

‘Giblert Melendez’, ‘Thomas Lawlor’, ‘Rebecca Rawlings’ and ‘Marcio Lyoto Machida’ highlighted what was a huge fail for the reveal landmark UFC-Reebok partnership, images of which can be seen below:

Reebok, unwittingly, have now coined the phrase ‘I made a Reebok’, which can be used to describe any sort of fail at a pivotal moment, or simply a grammatical error.

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