Top 10 Muay Thai Kickboxers In The UFC


Over the course of the sport’s short history, Thailand’s revered Muay Thai kickboxing has become one of the most common and successful bases from which to transfer to MMA.

While we’ve learned that having skills in only one discipline is not a recipe for success in the modern version of MMA, many fighters with a focus on “the art of eight limbs” have found incredible success in the Octagon.

Originating in Thailand, where a booming professional scene still flourishes, Muay Thai is now used by combatants from all over the world.

This piece aims to rank the ten best fighters employing the striking style today. Devastating clinch work, slashing elbows, whipping kicks, and crushing knees all could gain a fighter entry to this list, as well as a traditional Muay Thai background. Those that use them to the most damaging effect, rely on them as fundamental to their games, and utilize a combination of these characteristic techniques set themselves apart and climb the ranks.

This is not an all-time list. That may come later. This one looks at the fighters on the current UFC roster most likely to finish a fight from the thai plum, break someone’s nose with a standing elbow, or send an opponent crashing to the canvas with a knee to the solar plexus.

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