Top 10 Most Shocking UFC Upsets In 2016

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Bisping title

No.1: Michael Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold

Quite possibly one of the most unexpected upsets in a title fight not only this year, but in UFC history, few people gave Michael Bisping a chance at beating middleweight champion Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 in June.

At the time Rockhold was in scintillating form and opened as a 10-1 favorite, having won five fights in a row that not only included a previous dominant win over Bisping by submission, but also other leading contenders like Lyoto Machida and a convincing TKO victory over Chris Weidman to claim the belt.

Add in the fact that Bisping had agreed to the title opportunity on just two weeks notice while on the set of a movie and the odds just seemed too firmly stacked against ‘The Count’ for his fairytale dream of winning the title to come true.

However, that’s exactly what happened as Bisping stunned the champion with a left hook that floored him in the opening round and then followed up with more punches to seal a jaw-dropping knockout victory that no one could have predicted.

Add in his big win over Anderson Silva earlier in the year, and it leaves little room for doubt that Michael Bisping was the undsiputed King Of The Underdogs in 2016.

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