Top 10 Hilarious Conor McGregor Quotes

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    5. Red Panty Night

    Fresh out of the GO BIG media conference in Las Vegas is this absolute gem of a quote. McGregor took to the mic to get his (potential) competition at lightweight and featherweight all riled up, and once again his draw as a ‘big money’ fight was a much debated topic.

    Simple yet effective, Conor McGregor declared it ‘Red Panty Night’ for everyone’s wife in a stitch-up moment that we’ll never forget:

    To Cerrone/Dos Anjos

    “Because I change your bum life. I can make you rich. I can change your bum life. You fight me, it’s a celebration. When you sign to fight me, it’s a celebration, you ring back home, you ring, ‘Baby, we done it. We’re rich. Conor McGregor made us rich. Break out the red panties. We’re rich, baby.’