Top 10 MMA Dirtbags Of All-Time



9. Ricco Rodriguez

One-time UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez is not on the list for becoming the first UFC fighter to fail a drug test for cocaine, or for spitting on Ben Rothwell during their 2007 heavyweight bout, or for his multiple brushes with the law for driving under the influence but for his actions following a booze and drug-fueled crash into an 18-wheeler some years ago. The aptly nicknamed ‘Suave’ was high as a kite when the incident occurred, but that’s no excuse for what happened.

His knocked out girlfriend, whom Rodriguez admits he thought was dead, was dragged from the passenger seat where she had rode in the vehicle with him, and placed in the driver’s seat, so as to try and place the blame on her and keep himself from being arrested. What a class act. A stint onĀ Celebrity RehabĀ did little for the greasy ex-champion’s public image.