Tinfoil Hats: Top 10 MMA Conspiracy Theories


Ben Henderson Is A Member of the Illuminati

Former UFC and WEC lightweight champion Ben Henderson is the first to admit he’s something of a conspiracy theorist, but he couldn’t believe it when fans started to suspect that he was a member of the Illuminati.

It all stems from Henderson frequently making a triangle symbol with his hands before and after his fights, which some fans took as a sign of his allegiance to the infamous secret society, whose suspected members are alleged to be conspiring to influence and control world affairs in order to create a new world order.

For his part, Henderson claims his triangle gesture is, in fact, a tribute to the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu triangle logo, which is also incorporated into the ‘MMA Lab’ gym’s logo, where Henderson has trained for many years.

Nevertheless, Henderson’s links to the Illuminati have been the subject of much debate in conspiracy theory forums and videos, with some even going as far as to claim the devout Christian actually has Satanic links, pointing to ‘Skull And Bones’ designs in t-shirts he’s worn, along with allegations that he’s secretly made ‘666’ hand sign gestures in the Octagon.