Top 10 Largest Fighters In MMA History

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sandu-lungu47. Alexandru Lungu

One of our rather talented super heavyweights on this list, is highly decorated judoka Alexandru Lungu.

Lungu has won various judo tournaments in Europe, competing in the sport for 14 years, including taking home titles from competitions such as the Romanian Cup in 2004 as well as the International Tournament Monaco in 2005.

After his judoka career Lungu decided to try his hand at professional kickboxing, and was rather successful as he managed to rack up a record of 5-1. His only loss came via disqualification after he striking a downed opponent.

Lungu decided to venture into MMA in 2005 when he took on James Thompson in PRIDE 30, and suffered a first round knockout loss. Over the next ten years, however, ‘Sandu Lungu’ would rack up a record of 12-4.

Coming off of a second-round knockout loss this past December, however, the 42-year-old now needs to sit back and contemplate walking away from combat sports.

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