Strange Days: The 10 Craziest UFC Moments Of 2017


Fabricio Werdum Hits Colby Covington With A Boomerang

Werdum and Covington could easily have occupied several spots on this list due to their crazy antics in 2017, but it was a chance encounter between the two in November that eclipsed the rest.

The two fighters crossed paths at a hotel in Sydney, Australia just days prior to UFC Werdum’s headlining fight at UFC Fight Night 121, and there was no love lost between them given that Covington had made disparaging remarks about former heavyweight champion’s homeland of Brazil in the Octagon just a few weeks earlier.

A verbal altercation broke out and Werdum has claimed that Covington called him a ‘filthy animal’, at which point he slapped his phone out of his hand and was then kicked in the leg.

Whether that’s true or not, Fellow UFC fighter Dan Hooker caught on camera what happened next as Werdum threw a boomerang he’d just purchased as a souvenir at Covington, hitting him in the face.

Covington would go on to press charges against Werdum, who was found guilty of common assault and had to pay a $600 fine.