Strange Days: The 10 Craziest UFC Moments Of 2017


Jon Jones’ Positive Steroid Test

At UFC 214 on July 29, legendary UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones appeared to have finally put his life back on track when he produced a stunning highlight reel KO of Daniel Cormier to reclaim his light-heavyweight title.

However, less than a month later it emerged that Jones had once away found away to become his own worst enemy as USADA announced that he had been found to have tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid, a day prior to the fight.

This wasn’t a complete shock since Jones has had an uncanny knack of screwing up outside of the cage over the past few years, but it still beggared belief that despite being given yet another chance to turn over a new leaf and become a better person, that he’d once again let down himself, his coaches, his family, and his fans.

Stripped of his title yet again and facing the possibility of his lengthiest suspension yet, Jones has protested his innocence and is attempting to prove it ahead of an eventual hearing into the matter, but in the meantime, UFC president Dana White has all but washed his hands of the troubled star, branding him, “unfixable,” and “the biggest waste of talent in sports.”