Top 10 Craziest MMA Gym Fight Stories


Matt Hughes vs. Brock Lesnar

People were used to seeing big-name fighters at former UFC champion Pat Miletich’s gym in Iowa, but in 2005, everyone stopped what they were doing the day Brock Lesnar walked in.

Back then, Lesnar was still at the height of his fame as a WWE icon and had yet to fight in MMA, but he wanted to train and so UFC star Matt Hughes agreed to spar with him, despite being 6″ shorter and giving up well over 100 pounds to the man-mountain.

At first Lesnar’s amateur wrestling background and heavyweight frame served him well as he was able to pin the 170-pound UFC welterweight champion to the mat and keep him there.

However, Hughes then used his years of experience and technical expertise to find holes in Lesnar’s game and was soon attacking him with a rear-naked choke submission.

Lesnar’s pride wasn’t going to let him tap out without a fight though and so he stood up and then dropped backward with all his weight, slamming Hughes to the mat.

In his biography, Hughes describes the impact as being, “like a horse kicking off a rider at a rodeo,” but regardless he doggedly held onto the submission and forced his giant foe to tap out.

Miletich angrily warned Lesnar that slams like that wouldn’t be tolerated, and in fairness, the star apologized.

”The more you tap in here the less you’ll get caught when you’re in the octagon,” Hughes advised him afterward, but Lesnar never returned to the gym.