Top 10 Craziest MMA Brawls Before & After Fights

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daniel cormier jon jones ufc 178 media day brawl

2. Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier at the UFC 178 media day

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and his fierce rival Daniel Cormier shared one of the most publicized feuds in the sport’s history, most certainly the most controversial in UFC history, and it all came to a head at the UFC 178 media day in August 2014.

‘Bones’ and ‘DC’ squared off for the media in Las Vegas, Nevada, but Jones got a little too close for comfort. The champion put his head against the challenger’s and all hell broke loose from there onwards.

Cormier shoved Jones’ neck, Jones went in for a big punch and a takedown, and at one point Cormier took his shoe off and threw it at Jones.

The brawl led to countless other memorable encounters between the two enemies, including a sensational ‘hot mics‘ out-take where Jones threatened to kill ‘DC’.

Check out the video of the notorious brawl below, and skip to the number one craziest MMA riot ever….

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