Top 10 Brawls In UFC History


Many mixed martial arts (MMA) fans tune in to witness absolute carnage. It’s part of the human makeup to want to view such destruction, so it’s hard to blame them.

With undoubtedly the richest talent pool in the sport of MMA, the UFC has seen countless elite fighters wage war inside of the Octagon. Blood has been shed, foreheads have been cut, hands have been raised and heads have clattered off the cold canvas (shout out to Conor McGregor for the lingo).

These cage collisions offer a little bit of everything, but they all encompass the heart and determination that is needed to succeed in MMA. Whether it be a champion defending his belt, a prospect in search of recognition, or a veteran seeking redemption, throwing caution to the wind and digging deep is always part of the equation.

In order to pay tribute to these unforgettable back-and-forth exchanges, we dive deep into the top 10 best brawls in UFC history. Enjoy.