Top 10 Biggest Wastes Of Talent In MMA History

Diaz brothers mma brawl kj noons
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Throughout the relatively short history of mixed martial arts (MMA), several fighters have shown the talent, charisma, and skills to be huge stars in the rapidly developing fight game.

And many did just that, capitalizing on their ability to knock out and submit other trained athletes into the fame, fortune, and recognition that prizefighters climb into the cage to obtain.

Unfortunately, however, there are a decent number of fighters who reached the top levels of MMA who, seemingly on the cusp of the pinnacle of the sport, squandered that opportunity with losses, injuries, questionable out-of-the cage decisions, or a combination of those factors.

Those fighters rank as disappointing wastes of talent because they could have been so much more, despite their already substantial accomplishments. Let’s take a look at the biggest wastes of talent the sport has ever seen.

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