Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the most popular championship in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The sport is highly intriguing and enjoyable because of its real contact combat, fighting techniques, and other features. It is no wonder the average pay-per-view buys of its events is always in the hundreds of thousands. 

People show love for the sport in different ways. While some people prefer to just buy tickets and watch alone, others go further to play their favorite MMA or UFC-themed games at a top-notch online casino. Many UFC fans also love to put their money where their heart is and bet on the sport. 

Below we have covered the best tips to get more returns on your UFC bets.

Know your Fighters

Perhaps this is the most important UFC betting tip you will find on this page. It also applies to every championship event in MMA. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the individual fighters in a match before you wager on the game.

Some of the things you need to consider include:

  • Individual match records or history
  • Head to head results 
  • A combatant’s skill and how he loves fighting 

According to statistics, a new player to the game tends to defeat their opponents. Although there are sometimes surprises and unforeseen circumstances in sport, checking the information above will increase your winning rate. 

Sometimes Consider Underdogs

While staking on favorites to win is a good idea, they usually have lower odds than underdogs. This is because, like you, the bookmakers expect them to win too. If you are on a very small bankroll, you won’t make much betting on favorites.

However, things can take a big turn if you wager on an underdog and win. The returns would be massive because of their bigger odds. It is not unknown for underdogs to win in the UFC. As stated earlier, new players tend to defeat their opponents. Ensure you check the fighting style of an underdog and their track record or history before betting on them.

Bet on Southpaws

Know that special way Conor McGregor knocks his opponents out with his left foot forward? He achieved that several times and was punters’ favorite because he is a southpaw. A left-handed fighter is usually regarded as a southpaw. They can stand with their left foot forward and throw heavy blows on their opponents. This sometimes results in wins for them.

Look for Strengths and Weaknesses

This tip is essential, so we decided to explain it in detail. No matter how good or bad, every UFC fighter has individual strengths and weaknesses. It is essential to research and analyze each fighter’s strengths and weak points before wagering on the game.

Watch out for Well-Rounded UFC Fighters

Look out for versatile or well-rounded UFC fighters as they often bring the prize home. These are fighters with a high level of confidence in standing and on the ground. They also pack great punches and wrestling abilities. Mixed with their versatile skills, these fighters are usually very competitive in the ring. 

There are not many fighters like this in the UFC; however, some include John Jones, Tony Ferguson, and Fedor Emelianenko. The downside is that these fighters are often the favorites to win with little odds. But, they usually guarantee you a win.

Watch the Weigh-in Ceremony

You can reduce the time and effort you would spend researching fighters when you follow the weigh-in ceremony before the match starts. Weigh-in ceremonies are usually conducted to verify that the fighters weigh within limits specified for the event. At the weigh-in, you can analyze and confirm the conditions of each fighter before fight night.

Other notable tips include considering a fighter’s pace, the fight’s location, injuries, and a fighter’s specialties.