MMA is one of the most exciting sports out there. But there’s one way to make it even more thrilling – placing a bet on a fight. Before you get started though, here are some tips for gambling on MMA. 

Pay close attention to the weigh-ins

If a fighter looks significantly bigger or smaller than his opponent, that may affect the odds. In some cases, it means one of them is much more confident in his ability to take out the other guy, and he has good reason to be. If you see any red flags like this, bet on the underdog unless you have strong feelings about an upset coming. Otherwise, you might be looking at a quick loss on that bet.

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Ring or cage?

Different betting sites will have different odds for events that take place in a ring versus an octagon. The difference between the two is slight, but it might be enough to sway your decision. If you can’t decide, then go with the octagon – it’s the standard type of cage used in UFC fights and has the widest audience.

Size of the cage

Some betting sites will lay out the odds for fights in specific cages or other variations. These cages can be smaller or larger than a standard octagon, and that has an effect on how much action you’ll get. A cage with high walls gives fighters less space to run away from their opponent, so the fight goes longer and is a slower, more tactical match. Fights in smaller cages tend to be sloppier and more action-packed.

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Avoid betting on heavy favorites

Heavy favorites offer a couple of dangers. First, they’re more likely to lose the fight due to overconfidence or underestimating their opponent. Second, many MMA bettors tend to jump on board with a hot favorite as soon as he goes up, so his odds will quickly get worse as betting money piles upon him.

Age of the fighters

MMA is a young man’s game, and age tends to show its effects pretty quickly. If you see a fight where one guy has a huge advantage in terms of age or experience, then bet on him to win.

Don’t bet based on your favorites

You might bet on your favorite games on OnlineCasinos. But you shouldn’t bet on your favorite fighter. Each fighter has strengths and weaknesses, and you won’t be able to predict how they will change based on your feelings for them. Stick to pure numbers when making your predictions – if you’re not confident enough in those numbers, then don’t bet.

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Consider pace, reach, and stance

There are a few factors that tend to be strong indicators of how a fight will turn out. Foremost among these is the pace at which each fighter wants to move the fight. If one wants to start off slowly and work his way into an early lead with lots of lateral movement, then he might be able to win by decision. But if he wants to go out swinging for the fences, then a knockout is much more likely.

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