These 3 Reasons Are Why Joanna Jedrzeczyk Will Emerge From UFC 193 A Bigger Star

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joanna jedrzejczyk

She’s A Breath Of Fresh Air

Rousey is dominant in every since of the word. She is a natural finisher, and it seems as if no one has been able to come even remotely close to challenging her.

However, the bantamweight champions seems to do her finishing in almost a merciful way: quickly and effective. Her last three fights have combined for a total time of just one minute and four seconds, an absolutely incredible statistic. The former Olympian gets in, finishes, and gets out.

While Jedrzeczyk has also proven to be a finisher, she has also stood out as a different kind of animal than Rousey.

“Joanna Champion” is far from merciful with her finishes. She is vicious, brutal, and utterly dangerous. Her last two finishes over Esparza, and Penne came in the second and third rounds respectfully, places Rousey rarely sees.

This isn’t because the Polish champion isn’t dominant, however. In both of those fights, she controlled every second of the action, putting on clinics in the process.

Pairing her up alongside Rousey will display her world class skills, but it will also give fans a breath of fresh air from the usual Rousey showcases.

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