These 3 Reasons Are Why Joanna Jedrzeczyk Will Emerge From UFC 193 A Bigger Star

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Rousey and Jedrzeczyk

More Eyes Than Ever

Although Jedrzeczyk’s title will be on the line, her bout with Letourneau actually won’t be the main event, but interestingly enough, the main event features yet another women’s title fight.

Dominant bantamweight champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey will defend her title for the seventh time against 17-time world boxing champion Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm in the night’s main attraction.

It’s no question that Rousey is the biggest star in the UFC today. She’s the company’s biggest draw, and fans simply flock to see her fight. Her last fight, and near 30-second starching of Bethe Corriea, did around one million buys on pay-per-view (PPV), which is quite impressive in today’s day and age.

So how does that benefit Jedrzeczyk? Well, there will be more eyes on her, and more fans watching her than ever before.

Her fight against Esparza was the co-main event to a decent pay-per-view, and her bout with Penne was on a fight pass show. UFC 193 will undoubtedly lure in quite a bit more fans.

More fans, and PPV buys equals more exposure for the Polish champion. The more people that tune in and see what many are predicting to be yet another dominant performance from “Joanna Champion”, the more fans she will garner.

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