The UFC’s Top 10 Fight Finishers Of All-Time

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    3. Frank Mir

    Former heavyweight champion Frank Mir has made an indelible mark in the UFC, having not only recorded the most fights (27) and wins (16) in heavyweight history, but also the most finishes with 13.

    A further feather in his cap is the fact that Mir holds the crown when it comes to finishing his opponent as quickly as possible, dispatching no less than 10 opponents in the first round – the most in UFC history, regardless of division.

    Along the way he’s racked up many memorable finishes, with a couple of his eight submission victories in particular standing out, including the time he snapped Tim Sylvia’s forearm with an armbar to win the heavyweight title, and his timely kneebar while under fire against Brock Lesnar.

    His most famous finish may have come in his second fight with another heavyweight legend, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, at UFC 140 in 2011.

    Mir had already TKO’d “Big Nog” a few years earlier, but in the rematch he came close to being stopped via strikes himself before suddenly rallying on the mat to lock in what Dana White would later claim to be the “Submission Of The Century” – a sickening kimura shoulder-lock that broke the BJJ expert’s arm.

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