The UFC’s Top 10 Fight Finishers Of All-Time

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    7. Royce Gracie

    We’ve already listed several fighters who have 11 UFC finishes to their name and living legend Royce Gracie is another, but he beats them all out due to the fact that his stoppage victories came in one continuous, unblemished stretch from UFC 1 through UFC 4.

    Despite fighting as many of four times in one night, Gracie was an unstoppable force of nature during those early days in UFC history, with only three of his fights lasting more than five minutes.

    This was also a time before weight classes had been implemented, so the 6-foot, 178-pound pioneer was fighting against opponents of all shapes and sizes, including much larger heavyweights like Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn and Kimo Leopoldo.

    Nevertheless, no matter who was put in front of him, Gracie was able to prove the power of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by finishing all 11 of his opponents by way of submission, from armbars to rear-naked, triangle and lapel chokes, ensuring that not only would he go down in the history books, but also that BJJ would become one of the cornerstones of MMA forever.

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