There are a lot of things available in Canada: beautiful road trips, amazing excursions and no shortage of young, up-and-coming fighters who are constantly trying to make their mark on the MMA world. Granted, some of these you may not have heard of just yet, but that does not mean to say you should dismiss them. These fighters, if they continue on their current trajectory, are going to make a huge splash in the world of MMA. So, without further ado, here’re some of the top Canadian fighters that you are going to need to keep an eye out for in years to come.  

Steve MacDonald (4-0) 

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This 27-year-old light heavyweight burst on to the professional Canadian scene in 2018 with a knockout victory over Kyle Francotti. It’s been nothing but up, up and away since then for the youngster who has managed to win another plethora of fights. MacDonald has since signed on with Bellator MMA and is expected to make his debut with them soon. Thanks to a combination of his speed, agility and striking power, he is a nightmare for every opponent that he faces. 

Zackery Powell (4-1-0) 

There weren’t many Canadian fighters who were able to stay active in 2020; however, Zackery Powell was able to end the year with a 2-0 record, racking up victories against the likes of Yemi Oduwole in the process. Powell has since managed to surround himself with trainers who are going to continue to try and bring out the best in him. Granted, he recently suffered his first loss against Dario Sinagoga, but at such a young age and already with such an impressive record, Powell is in prime position to really take a run at MMA and see how far he gets. 

Mateo Vogel (5-2-0) 

Mateo was lucky enough to squeeze in a few fights prior to the coronavirus pandemic putting an unwelcome halt on a lot of MMA activity. One of the more prevalent fights was his win by unanimous decision over Serhiy Sidey. He has had some defeats, although the first of these was quite controversial due to it been the result of an illegal up kick against Xavier Alaoui. 

Overall, the 24-year-old bantamweight is displaying one of the strongest jiu-jitsu games throughout all of Canada and soon, throughout all of the entire sport, which is effortlessly backed up by his submission victories previously earned. 


There is no getting around the fact that Canada is writhe with fighters who are ready to leave their mark on the MMA game and as the world slowly comes out on the other side of the pandemic, it can only watch in anticipation as the careers of these three talented fighters truly begin.