We have all heard Dana White’s recent press releases, outlining his plan for the UFC to enter the MMA. While Khabib and Holloway’s match showed every success (in Khabib’s favour), many are still contemplating the long-term success of Metaverse fights moving forward into the future. The Metaverse is very much a real thing and cryptocurrency lovers will be already very much immersed into alternative sports and gaming experiences. 

The CSGO Gambling Sites for 2022 have all been emulated into the Metaverse. Players within the gambling gaming community have invested into unique and rare NFT’s, which are being integrated into unique shooting fighting tournaments and so on. While the MMA is still catching up to the gaming world, it is very clear that UFC wants to go all the way when it comes to integrating within the virtual world. But to what extent? 

UFC Virtual Fights

This is inevitable. As UFC fights multiply over the Metaverse, tickets and audience members can attend the events virtually without the need of worrying about getting front row seats. With virtual reality brand partnerships have the opportunity to unite their marketing ploys while the UFC hosts its biggest fights of the decade. Khabib’s fight against Holloway proved to us all that everything is possible, and the Metaverse with time will continue to paint a picture of further exciting details where MMA is involved.

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Unique Metaskins Fighting Series

Metaskins and unique branding initiatives are another way that brands are choosing to integrate themselves alongside MMA within the Metaverse. Not only does this provide the numbers and hype for distribution, but it could also most likely invoke the interest of even more savvy fans-while the Metaverse is at its peak. 

Such initiatives will provide the revenue streams that perhaps were lost once the pandemic took hit on the hospitality sector, but of course, this was inevitable to happen, it secured the MMA guaranteed attendees regardless of environmental factors. The realm of Metaskins is a very new concept to the sport and while brands like B2Digital are constantly exploring what there is to offer in terms of potential, more designers and versed NFT designers are very much underway into the creation process.

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Virtual Training 

Not only are fights with well-known fighters being introduced, users on the Metaverse can train their own fighters virtually, to ensure they are ready to face future opponents for future intergenerational fights. The sky’s the limit, as virtual training means that anyone could become a UFC fighter on the metaverse. Cutting across traditional corners like traditions of lean cutting and so on, would bring a new era to the sport entirely. While it has never been introduced until now, new boundaries are discovered every single day. But hey, that is the beauty of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

Sustainable future

It is a no-brainer. With a large number of UFC audience members tapped into the metaverse, think of the onset benefits that can be provided with the minimisation of public transportation to and from tournaments. Especially with the recent sustainability world summits, it is completely understandable why the Metaverse would be in favour by many impressionable scientists. It can cut corners on overall Carbon consumptions instantaneously.

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Summary: Ethical concerns  

While the overall picture of the virtual world has appealed to so many blockchain enthusiasts, many are still against the idea of having to merge traditional physical sports into the Metaverse. Understandably so, with fast assimilation into an online world, there are risks that we will lose touch with reality and the comings and goings of society. Especially its effects on physical health. Who needs training when you can do it virtually? However, that is just the point. With everything plugged into the Metaverse these days, fighters have every right to want to maintain their career in physical reality. Their whole life has been dedicated to the glory of bustling stadiums, and the pumping adrenaline of real-live fights. It just is not quite the same virtually, is it?