The 10 Most Unexpected Short-Notice Fights In UFC History

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TJ Dillashaw vs. Joe Soto

Just a day out from UFC 177 in 2014, Joe Soto was cutting weight in preparation for his promotional debut when a teammate phoned him and said that UFC bosses wanted to speak to him urgently.

Soto soon learned that one of the event’s headliners, Renan Barao, had slipped in the bath and knocked himself out in the bath while cutting weight and was out of his bantamweight title fight with TJ Dillashaw.

Soto assumed he was going to be asked to fight someone else to cover for a change to the card’s lineup, but was shocked to then discover that the UFC actually wanted him to step in to the main event to fight Dillashaw for the title.

Soto jumped at the unlikely opportunity and immediately had to get back to cutting even more weight to make the 135-pound championship limit.

Soto was a massive underdog heading into the fight, and indeed Dillashaw did prove to be the superior fighter throughout, but the last-minute replacement still managed to last until the fifth round before finally being finished by a head kick and punches.

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