The 10 Most Bizarre Finishes In UFC History


Max Holloway vs. Charles Oliveira

At UFC Fight Night 74 in the summer of 2015, Brazil’s Charles ‘Do Bronx’ Oliveira fought the fast-rising Max Holloway in the main event of the evening.

However, the fight would barely have a chance to get going before it was being waved off.

Just 90 seconds into the fight, the two fighters engaged in a brief scramble next to the cage, but as they reset on the feet, Oliveira suddenly clutched at his own throat in clear distress, turned his back on Holloway and sunk slowly to the canvas, leading to the fight ending by TKO.

Oliveira remained grounded afterward while medics attended to him until he was eventually stretchered out of the arena and rushed to the hospital.

It would later emerge that Oliveira had actually suffered a freak injury – a micro tear to his esophagus that had completely him down.

”When I fell against the cage everything went numb, I couldn’t feel my body,” Oliveira revealed later after thankfully making a full recovery.