The 10 Most Bizarre Finishes In UFC History


Part of the reason mixed martial arts is so exciting is that when you lock two trained fighters in the cage, anything can happen and fights end in all kinds of different ways, from thrilling knockouts to slick submissions.

However, sometimes those finishes come in bizarre ways that absolutely no one saw coming, and in this article, we’ll shine a light on those freakish, unfathomable fight conclusions from the earliest days of the UFC through to the present day.

Galore Bofando vs. Charlie Ward

Over the years in the UFC we’ve occasionally seen fighters knocked out by slams, but never quite in the way it went down at UFC Fight Night 113 last year when Galore Bofando fought Charlie Ward.

The two fighters were engaged in the clinch midway through the first round when Ward suddenly attempted to take his opponent to the mat.

However, Bofando responded by attempting a reversal and then in mid-air just roughly shoved Ward to the mat like a sack of potatoes.

As a result, the already off-balance Ward was sent flying face-first into the canvas at high speed and was instantly rendered unconscious, handing Bofando a highlight-reel KO in his Octagon debut.