Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively new edition to the world of online sports betting, however that does not mean it is a segment that should be overlooked. This guide will explore some of the most essential concepts for placing a wager on MMA on an online casino like Betway, 888Casino or LeoVegas.

MMA Schedules

If one was to bet on a sport such as the NFL, tennis or even a soccer, they would be able to acquire a full list of all the upcoming matches for the whole season. These matches are planned in advance and tend to rarely deviate from the pre-planned roster; however, this does not hold true for MMA. Much like boxing, every MMA event is set on an isolated basis. However the fights are usually released several months in advance so, you are able to view fight odds for quite some time before the actual event. But due to the aggressive nature of the sport, fighters often fall out injured and are replaced weeks or even days before a fight, something which brings an added complexity to betting on MMA fights.  

It is also important to note that there is a much larger frequency of MMA fights in comparison to other sports. This is a worldwide sport with countless different promotions operating on a global level. With the big organisations running most weeks you’ll always have some fights to choose from. For example, the sports leader UFC ran 42 different events in 2019, which featured 517 fights. Yet, the main stars within the world of MMA are usually limited to a few appearances per year.  

Types of Bets

Before one can begin betting on an MMA fight, it is essential to know how the probability of success lies within each fighters favour. In the American and Canadian markets, this is showcased through a statistic known as the moneyline. The moneyline showcases each fighters name and next to it a number with a positive or negative sign. The fighter with the positive sign next to the number, shows by how much they are likely to win over the opponent with the negative number next to their name. This is the most used method for betting strategies, as it is the easiest to understand.

The alternative methods for wagers include exact round wagers and an over or under round wagering strategy. An over or under round bet occurs when the betting house posts the max number of rounds it thinks the match will last and then the better postulates that the match will either go for more rounds or fewer. The alternative method is known as exact round which is where a person can bet on the round that the MMA fight will be finished, within the world of MMA bouts are generally fought for 3 rounds. Whilst five round fights are also used for all title fights and the majority of main event match-ups.  

Although, there is always the wagers that are based on the penultimate decision of the match, therefore one can bet that the match will be finished by knockout, submission, decision or if the match will be disqualified. Finally, one can engage in in a method of wagering where numerous wagers are tied together, there are several names for this method including multiplier or accumulator, but the northern American standard is parlay. In this instance, the typical method for this strategy would require one instance of parlay to wager the final decision for a minimum of two, possibly three MMA matches within one wager.

Tips And Tricks For Successfully Betting On MMA

There are many different strategies for coming out on top of sports betting, but the MMA is unique. One key tip would be to pay attention to the fighters during the weigh-ins. This will take place at least 24 hours before the event is scheduled and can be a good indication of what may happen during the actual fight. The sport of MMA like boxing has weight categories, which means its fighters often cut a lot of weight in order to gain a competitive advantage. However, this can often have a disastrous effect on a fighter’s ability to perform. So, make sure you note how the fighters look on the scale. Although this can be an indication of how the fight will go, don’t place to much importance on the weigh-ins as fighters do have the time to re-hydrate and recuperate and often come in looking fantastic. The best thing to do, as it is with any sport is study as much as possible. As MMA is such a unique sport it offers multiple ways for a fighter to win. Just because one fighter is an exceptional stand up fighter, doesn’t mean his opponent won’t take him/her down and dominate the match up on the floor. So, study the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses, compare them to the opponents and consider form before you place any bets on MMA. If your still new to the sport, there are plenty of MMA experts out there, who’ll happily break down fights for you and even tell you how to make some money. Just be careful as no matter how in the know any MMA expert is, this is still the most unpredictable sport in the world.