Six Changes The UFC Needs To Bounce Back From A Disastrous 2017


5. Keep More Backup Fighters On Deck

This one is simple, and it appears as if the UFC is catching on to this idea. With all the injuries ruining fights and therefore cards this past year, having a highly-ranked fighter in the same weight class on the same card of a title fight could keep events together even at the last minute.

The UFC did this for Jones’ rematch with Cormier at UFC 214 by having Jimi Manuwa on the same card in case injury or failed drug tests ruined the main event.

Manuwa was ready to go in the event of such an emergency and could have saved the card if Jones had screwed up before the fight. Instead, he screwed up after the fight when he was caught (allegedly) using PEDs, but that’s another point entirely.

Simply put, having a solid backup fighter on the same card as a title fight can keep the card alive no matter what happens.