Six Reasons The UFC’s New Owners Are Walking Into A Hornet’s Nest

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The topic of oversaturation has been discussed for quite some time now.

Is the UFC putting on too many cards? Well, that depends on your preference, but it’s safe to say the promotion has undoubtedly upped the frequency of fights over the past few years. This is a good thing for diehard fight fans, but it also could end up hurting cards.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming UFC 205 card, for example. The card, which is being billed as the biggest ever, at least on paper, features three title fights. While this should end up being an iconic night, the stacked nature of the card will likely hurt the cards prior to it and after it. To prove this theory, take a closer look at October 8’s UFC 204. The card features some exciting fights, but it doesn’t even come close to matching November 12’s UFC 205.

This could end up being an issue for the UFC, as an increased amount of weaker cards rather than less, but more well-rounded, cards could continue to hurt its product.