Khabib Nurmagomedov

Nurmagomedov might be the most obvious choice to welcome Ben Askren to the UFC.

Not only is Khabib the reigning unbeaten lightweight champion, but he is probably the only fighter who can match Askren’s wrestling prowess lick for lick.

The potential hang-up here would be weight class. That is what division would these two fight in?

Khabib is a good sized lightweight, he would make a pretty undersized welterweight. However, Askren isn’t a terribly big 170 pounds so these two should easily be able to come to an agreed upon weight to fight at.

Like Covington, I believe its a foregone conclusion that Khabib and Askren will fight each other. The real question is whether or not the UFC will go all in on “Funky” and give Askren an immediate title shot.