Six Best Trades MMA Fans Deserve

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Michael Chandler & Aaron Pico For Robert Whittaker & Luke Rockhold

Michael Chandler may have just re-signed with Bellator but trades change everything up now.

Chandler is another star in the making that Bellator has not been able to get the most out of. He is definitely one of the best lightweights in the world and one can only wonder what he could do in the UFC. Imagine some of the match-ups for “Iron” Mike at 155 pounds in the UFC.

As for Pico, here is another young fighter with limitless potential. The UFC’s PR machine would literally make Pico a massive star and a huge draw.

In return, Bellator would get back Whittaker and Rockhold. We know Rockhold and Coker have a┬áhistory together and both men would love a chance to be reunited with each other. As for Whittaker, he could benefit from a Bellator schedule that is less demanding than the UFC’s grind.

The potential match-ups for both Whitaker and Rockhold in Bellator’s 185 division are nearly compelling,┬áto say the least. And Chandler and Pico to the UFC is what fight fans want.

If trades are a thing now in MMA, then let’s start making the trades that fight fans want to see. After all, fans are the lifeblood of the sport.

What are some trades you’d like to see go down in MMA?