Shady Business: 10 Fight Fixing Scandals In MMA


Don Frye vs. Mark Hall

It took Don Frye just 20 seconds to tap out Mark Hall at the UFC ‘Ultimate Ultimate 96’ event and the referee in charge, ‘Big’ John McCarthy instantly viewed the outcome with a great deal of suspicion.

It turned out that he was right to have concerns as just a few months later Hall claimed that he’d been approached by Frye and his manager before the fight and was asked to throw it in exchange for $50,000 to give ‘The Predator’ an easier path to the final (which he would go on to win).

Hall accepted the bribe but then broke his silence at a later date due to the fact that he had never received the money he’d been promised.

However, Hall’s allegations appeared to fall on deaf ears as there was never an official investigation into the incident.