Shady Business: 10 Fight Fixing Scandals In MMA


Oleg Taktarov vs. Anthony Macias

When Oleg Taktarov submitted Anthony Macias with a guillotine choke in just 9 seconds in a semifinal tournament fight at UFC 6 in 1995, even the commentary team seemed to realize something wasn’t quite right, though they stopped just short of declaring it a fix on-air.

“I don’t think Macias wanted to be in there,” Jeff Blatnick mused, while Jim Brown followed up with, “Yeah, you gotta be honest … You’ve gotta wonder here…”

In his biography, ‘Let’s Get It On!’ the referee that night, ‘Big’ John McCarthy, said he felt he’d just seen his first fixed fight in the UFC, and it certainly made no sense that Macias, a Muay Thai fighter, had immediately opted for a takedown and left his neck exposed against a dangerous grappler with a deadly choke.

Years later, Macias confirmed everyone’s fears by claiming that it was indeed a fix.

Macias and Taktarov had the same manager at the time, Buddy Albin, and the fighter alleged to that Albin approached him backstage and ordered him to throw the fight or, “you’ll never fight for me or anywhere else again.”

Macias did what he was told and Taktarov went on to win the tournament, but the two fighters’ downbeat demeanors immediately after that submission spoke volumes about what really happened that night.