Seven Signs The UFC Is Headed For Certain Doom


6. Anderson Silva’s Second Failed PED Test

Boy did Silva’s star burn out quick. It seems like one day he was an unstoppable middleweight champion, taking out all comers, and the next he can’t win a fight or pass a USADA test.

While it did take a long time for Silva to become a big draw for the UFC, he had become one nonetheless. His highlight reel is a symphony of violence. But a second failed PED test leading into a now-cancelled fight with Kelvin Gastelum has really shaken the foundation of his very legacy.

Now fans have to ask themselves, how long was Anderson cheating for? Getting caught twice is a bad look, suggesting he was probably using PEDs for quite a while.

He’s most definitely facing some kind of suspension, and at his age, who knows if and when Silva will fight again.

Another critical hit for the UFC, even being a former champ, nothing is really sacred anymore; if the great Anderson Silva was cheating, then how deep does this go? We already know Jon Jones used PEDs, but that’s another point entirely.