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Fan opinion: Top 10 MMA submissions

A top 10 list of the best fight ending submissions. My list is based on who the fighter submitted as well as which move they used and which situation(example if they were losing and then won by sub). Enjoy!!

Fan Opinion: Demian Maia vs Anderson Silva fight breakdown

The first in this series of fight breakdowns is the UFC 112 main event Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia who will meet for the Middleweight title in Abu Dhabi.

Great, Now Vitor Belfort Is Out of UFC 112 With an Injury

(8:03 am: Vitor learns about World of Warcraft. 12:16 pm: Vitor calls in sick to training, orders a pizza. 5:37 pm: Vitor suddenly declares himself incapable of fighting Anderson...

Demian Maia Gossip

Ed Soares, Dana White, and no other but the lucky "Demian Maia" give their thoughts about his title shot.

Exclusive: Six questions for Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis

Welterweight Marcus Davis is one of the most experienced fighters currently in the UFC. Thirty-six year old Davis (born August 24, 1973 in Houlton, Maine) has a 16-6 record in his Mixed Martial Arts career, and will look to rebound from his back-to-back losses to Dan Hardy and Ben Saunders, when he faces Jonathan Goulet at UFC 113.

Demian Maia confirmed as Vitor Belfort’s replacement

With Vitor Belfort having to pull out of UFC 112 due to a shoulder injury, the UFC were starting to sweat on a replacement. Speculation even loomed that a match with current UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva may even be pulled from UFC 112 altogether. Today however, UFC officials announced that Demian Maia will be replacing Belfort and the fight will still be for the Middleweight belt. Maia is coming fresh off a victory at UFC 109 against Dan Miller.

New Rankings From MMA News

After the events of UFC 109: Relentless, you know that some people got to go up and some have to come down. Find out what has changed and leave a comment saying if you agree or disagree.

UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin 2 — Main Event Preview & Analysis

(“Axe Murdering” — a Wanderlei Silva highlight film by Potato Nation hall-of-famer Perdew.) By George Shunick If it wasn’t for the utter disintegration of UFC 149, UFC 147 might be the most...

UFC 104: The Liveblog

(Let's all take one last look at Shogun and then call it a day. Photo courtesy of UFC.com) So you missed Dana White by ten minutes...

The Five Best Referees in MMA

#5: Josh Rosenthal (Nick Diaz vs. Thomas Denny @ EliteXC: Unfinished Business, 7/26/08) With his trademark half-smirk during faceoffs and soft-spoken vibe, Josh Rosenthal brings some much-needed positive...