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Keith Kizer: I don’t see Vitor Belfort getting a TRT exemption from us

Keith Kizer spoke today about his opinion on TRT. More specifically about Vitor Belfort and if he will be allowed to compete under the Nevada State Athletic Commission while using TRT.

5 UFC Fights that absolutely have to happen in 2013

2013 is just around the corner, promising many great Mixed Martial Arts battles. This might be the year we finally see Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson...

5 most overhyped fights in recent UFC history

When Georges St. Pierre takes on Carlos Condit this upcoming Saturday we will see if this highly anticipated fight will live up to its hype. Not to lower the expectations, but following is a reminder of some previous fights that failed to deliver. 1: Randy Couture vs. James Toney - UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn 2, August 28th, 2010 No matter how you look at how this fight was presented, somebody is at fault.  If this fight was to be presented as a sideshow attraction, then Couture should have allowed Toney

The five biggest UFC bouts that never happened in 2012

Obviously 2012 has been a year that held huge potential for MMA. While I wouldn't say it was a horrible year for fighting, the insane amount of injuries and other controversy that wrecked cards is unprecedented. From main events all the way down to preliminary cards, we saw an unheard never of fights shifted, canceled, and just generally thrown into the muck. UFC 151's cancellation was just the icing on the cake in what was the weirdest year MMA has ever seen.  And it's not over yet. Let's take a look

Dethroning Silva: Could one of these five fighters have what it takes

Anderson Silva (32-4) is the reigning UFC Middleweight Champion. He has been called "a mutant", a "freak of nature" and "the greatest martial artist of all time". With 15 straight wins in the UFC spanning over 6 years, the question I am most often asked by fans, fighters and fellow scribes is "What is it going to take for someone to defeat Anderson Silva?" There is no quick or easy answer. A shift up and down to the wrong weight class could be his undoing, likewise age could start to catch up with him, but

Rashad Evans: I want to pick a fight with the Middleweight champion

After handily defeating Chael Sonnen at UFC 148, the question has benn posed: Who will realistically pose a challenge to Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva? UFC President Dana White has gone on record multiple times saying that Anderson "Spider" Silva is the greatest fighter or the greatest martial artist in the world. Last night's post fight press conference was no exception as White summed it up with: "He is an amazing fighter, he's an artist with his hands and feet. The guy is a freak of nature. He

Dana White says Rampage Jackson had all the tools, but could have been so...

The career of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has seemed to have taken a downward turn as of late, and with  it come some criticism from UFC President Dana White. Although White acknowledges the high-level skills of Jackson, he still thinks that perhaps Rampage could have had an even more productive, illustrious career. Dana White expressed the following via mmafighting.com: "Tell me Rampage Jackson wasn’t born to fight. Not only in his power, but his attributes, his wrestling, his chin,

Bellator 62 Weigh-In Results: Santos overweight, Prindle awarded Tournament Championship

It appears the long awaited Season Five Heavyweight Tournament final bout between Eric Prindle and Thiago Santos will not take place. After their first encounter at Bellator 59 was declared a no-contest due to an "accidental kick to the groin," the two were set to meet again at last week's Bellator 61. That bout was eventually scratched as well when Prindle came down with "flu-like symptoms," and the fight was again rescheduled for tomorrow night's Bellator 62. The match-up has now been halted all

MMA Link Club: Talking TUF, Nelson’s Quest, and The "Bones" Revolution

- Mac Danzig Interview: Talking 'The Ultimate Fighter', Training and More (BleacherReport)"Despite being a big Cruz fan, Danzig believes that Team Faber will be able to win. His advice to the contestants is to not get distracted by the drama and remember they are there to compete and to win. Danzig is back with his original trainer, Rico Chiapparelli, who to Mac is the most respected guy in all of UFC. Danzig feels that being back with his old trainer, he is learning again, and that his new training will

Five Dream MMA Fights for 2011

My Five Fight Wishes For 2011 The end of the 2010 is now days away, and the MMA world was treated to some of the biggest and most exciting moments to be witnessed.  We saw an emperor dethroned.  We saw the baddest man on the planet turned into a fetus.  We saw a spider catch prey in its web.  We saw a demolition at the K1 World Grand Prix.  We saw a Shogun slay a dragon. We saw a 209 edition of bully beat down, we saw a Canadian rock band not even come close to losing a round, and