Satoshi Ishii facing possible retirement following loss to Fedor

When Satoshi Ishii stepped into the ring on New Year’s Eve to face Fedor Emelianenko on the 2011 Dream Fight For Japan fight card it was only his seventh professional MMA bout and if reports are correct it may very well have been his last.

Ishii lasted 2:29 with Fedor before he was knocked out. Reports from the Japanese publication Cyzo (via have doctor’s informing Ishii that he suffered a cerebral edema during the fight and any further blows to the head would cause serious damage.

Ishii took home an Olympic gold medal in 2008 in Judo; in 2011 he was also a gold medal winner at the 2011 United States Championship.

If Ishii is forced to retire due to his injury, he will do so with a 4-2-1 professional record.