Predicting Each UFC Champion By The End Of 2017

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Stephen Thompson

Welterweight: Stephen Thompson

No. 1-contender Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson nearly walked away with the title at UFC 205 and many felt as if he should’ve, but after five rounds of battle with champion Tyron Woodley, the judges deemed the bout a draw.

There have been talks of a potential rematch between Woodley and Thompson taking place in the coming months and if it does indeed take place, I’d pick Thompson to be victorious. Woodley did indeed have his moments in the first bout, rocking and hurting Thompson. In fact, many believe that “The Chosen One” deserved to win as well.

In my opinion, “Wonderboy” is the most technical striker in the division and perhaps in the sport as a whole, but I feel as if it took him too long to adjust his range and timing against Woodley. Perhaps he underestimated Woodley’s speed and explosiveness as well.

I expect Thompson to refine his skill set and strategy as well as continue to improve his wrestling heading into a rematch. The welterweight division is stacked, but there are very few fighters like “Wonderboy”, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him with the title at the end of 2017.

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