Predicting Each UFC Champion By The End Of 2017

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Cody Garbrandt

Bantamweight: Cody Garbrandt

This was a more difficult prediction to make, but I’ll stick with current champion Cody Garbrandt.

The bantamweight division is more exciting than it’s ever been, but I also see it being led by a three man race at the top between Garbrandt and ex-champions Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw.

Cruz beat Dillashaw last January to steal the title before “No Love” dominated “The Dominator” at Dec. 30, 2016’s UFC 207.

Garbrandt will likely take on either Cruz or Dillashaw next and while I expect Cruz to come back strong, I’d have to pick “No Love” given the one-sided nature of the first fight. Dillashaw on the other hand has looked impressive since losing to Cruz, but I feel as if Garbrandt would have success against him as well.

“No Love’s” deep background in wrestling and boxing paired with his brutal knockout power and electric footwork have made him a top fighter in the division and I expect we’ll see more of the same from the 25-year-old this year.

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