Paulie Malignaggi Thinks He’d Beat Conor So Badly He Would Stop Selling Whiskey

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Paulie Malignaggi thinks that if Conor McGregor would ever accept a fight with him it would end badly.

So bad that McGregor would stop selling his whiskey, Proper Twelve, which has been a big seller since it was introduced for public purchase. The boxer has signed with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and since then, has been calling out the former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion.

Malignaggi thinks for some reason that a potential showdown against McGregor could happen, which won’t for several reasons but most notably due to the UFC having to sign off on McGregor doing the fight.

The bad blood between Malignaggi and McGregor has been well documented. It all started in 2017 due to sparring footage that was released. Despite the small chance of a fight happening, the ex-boxer is willing to make it happen. During an appearance on The MMA Hour, the boxer made it known that he thinks he’d beat McGregor to the point where people would stop buying his liquor.

“The only guy that doesn’t want to make Malignaggi-McGregor is McGregor and anybody directly involved with him because they understand the game is over once that fight happens,” Malignaggi told host Luke Thomas. “The show, the game, the flaunting, everything’s over. Because once I beat the shit out of you after all the past we’ve had and all the lies you’ve told, you’re done, you’re history. Nobody will ever want to remember you again. So you can’t have that. Not even his Proper whiskey would sell anymore.”