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Fan opinion: Fights I want to see

A list of fights I would like to see happen between top MMA fighters and the reasons why. Some may seem unlikely but it is just an opinion.

Andrei Arlovski signs with Strikeforce

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei "Pitbull" Arloski has recently signed a multi-fight deal with Strikeforce and is set to fight Antonio "Big Foot" Silva in May 15. Arloski is currently riding a two fight lossing streak, where he got KO'd by Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction and another KO loss to Rogers at Strikeforce. Arloski is going to try to get back on the win collum after those two devastating knockouts and once again Arloski will try to get back on the top of the Heavyweight division. But,

Fan opinion: Top ten MMA upsets

A list of the top ten upsets in MMA. Fights where the underdog got the best of the odds on favorite.

Fan opinion:Top ten MMA fights of all time

My list of the top ten fights of all time, built on my opinion on how exciting each fight was.

Fan opinion: Top 10 MMA submissions

A top 10 list of the best fight ending submissions. My list is based on who the fighter submitted as well as which move they used and which situation(example if they were losing and then won by sub). Enjoy!!

New Rankings From MMA News

After the events of UFC 109: Relentless, you know that some people got to go up and some have to come down. Find out what has changed and leave a comment saying if you agree or disagree.

UFC 102 Live Results + Commentary

The word "legend" gets thrown around a lot in this sport, to the point where it loses much of its meaning. Well, we won't...

MMA’s 10 Most Insane Freak Show Fights

Ah, the freak show.  Where honest competition meets the insatiable human desire to see something weird, typically in Japan.  In light of the events...