Today’s world is drowning in a sea of advertising. Online gambling companies always try to follow trends to improve their visiting rate, get more bets, and increase their income. That is why more and more online casinos make deals with famous MMA sportsmen.

Speaking about mixed martial arts, this kind of sport is growing in popularity right now. The fighters’ fees are growing rapidly, the TV audience is in the tens of millions, and most sports stars will envy the popularity of the social networks of Conor or Khabib. This aggressive sport has good odds and each fight is spectacular and “bloody”. At the same time, there are almost no options for a draw game. Now two worlds have met and developed together.

Of course, if you are not a fan of such sports and prefer conventional slots or card games, it is always possible to explore a Japanese list of online casino sites to choose an appropriate game, for example, and avoid injuries or a knocked-out tooth.

In this article, we are going to talk about the correlation between MMA and online casino communities and how its sponsorships develop.

Development of Online Casinos

In 1994, Microgaming the British company created the first online gambling platform where a full-fledged online casino could already be built. The exact date of the first site providing gambling entertainment for money is not known, but presumably, in 1996, about 15 such projects were registered worldwide. 

In 1994, Antigua and Barbuda adopted a bill allowing an operator to legally obtain a gambling license from that country. With the appearance of the first online bookmaker (1997), the major corporations quickly saw the huge potential of the online gambling market. That is when online casinos began their huge rise.

Brief History of MMA 

Mixed martial arts competitions gather a huge number of fans in the halls and are widely covered on television. And despite MMA have been gaining popularity recently, few fans know that its origins lie deep in antiquity. The first references to mixed style combat date back to 648 BC. Then the Greeks competed in pankration during the antique Olympic Games — that was a mixture of wrestling and fist-fighting. 

Later, pankration evolved into Etruscan and Roman “pankration”. These were brutal and mortal fights that were even held in the Colosseum. Statues of the best fighters of this style were erected for the public eye in many cities of the Roman Empire. After the fall of the Empire, the mixed style dissolved into the martial arts of many countries.

In our times, mixed martial arts differ a lot from its ancient form. Those people who think of MMA as a fight without rules are sorely mistaken. Today, MMA fights are regulated by the rules, where fighters are divided into weight classes and fight in 3 rounds of 5 minutes each. A number of techniques such as biting, deliberate eye injuries, punches to the groin and throat are forbidden.

How MMA & Online Casinos Collided

For any company, concluding a title sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to spread the word. For example, Betmotion, an online casino dedicated to sports gambling, casino, and bingo has signed a deal to sponsor Mackenzie Dern, UFC star. She is one of the stars in MMA and specialises in jiu-jitsu. The agreement permits the use of her image on Betmotion’s website and social media, as well as in promotions and giveaways such as autographed items.

In some cases, under the terms of the contract, athletes may receive additional funds from sponsors. The amount of these payments depends directly on the fighter’s popularity and achievements. Now more online casino companies want to get a famous MMA fighter as faces of their brands. And we are going to follow the news about new collaborations.