MMA’s 10 Hardest Hitters According To The Fighters

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Shane Carwin

One of the biggest, most imposing physical specimens ever to step into the Octagon, Shane Carwin literally has the heaviest hands in the sport, with his paws being so abnormally big he had to wear 5XL gloves.

Junior dos Santos is one of the few fighters who went up against Carwin in the Octagon and lived to tell the tale without being rendered unconscious, but he came away full of admiration for the damage he can dish out.

”I think [he has] the heaviest punches I have ever felt,” JDS claimed after their fight.

That power also made him an unenviable training partner, with MMA veteran Jeremiah Constant once recalling that Carwin cracked a bone in his face with the first jab he ever threw at him, while coach Trevor Witman says he was the only fighter to have destroyed his boxing mitts.

Todd Duffee is an enormous, hard-hitting heavyweight in his own right, but having also trained with Carwin he says, “Shane has by far the most natural power. I think it’s simply the size of his hands.”

The fighter who had the unenviable task of being Carwin’s main sparring partner for several years was Brendan Schaub, who credits him for his good footwork since he was always attempting to get out of the way of the bone-crushing punches in the gym.

”Shane’s by far the hardest hitter in the world,” he concluded.