MMA’s 10 Hardest Hitters According To The Fighters

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Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler’s punches are as every bit as “Ruthless” as his nickname suggests, to the extent that even someone as fearless as Nick Diaz has no desire to fight him again.

”The last thing I want to do, win or lose, is get hit by more Robbie Lawler punches,” Diaz once declared. “That’s not good for your head!”

With 20 T/KO wins under his belt, Lawler has made a career out of rearranging people’s faces, including Rory MacDonald, who stated ‘Ruthless’ has the hardest punch he’s ever experienced after having his nose shattered by him during a TKO loss.

The star’s longtime coach and former UFC champion Pat Miletich says Lawler is the hardest hitter he’s ever worked with and claims he KO’d so many sparring partners that he’d only put him in against light heavyweight and heavyweights.

Meanwhile, Tim Kennedy even named Lawler in his retirement speech.

“To Robbie Lawler: you hit me harder than anyone ever has. Seriously, that really hurt.”

And even though he knocked him out in the first round, heavy-handed current welterweight champion Tyron Woodley still believes that Lawler hits harder than he does.

”If you say, ‘Nobody move, just stand still, don’t use your body. just throw your arm and punch this thing as hard as you can,’ then Robbie’s probably gonna be the motherfucker that hits the hardest,” Woodley told