Looking for bright emotions and ways to release tension outside the ring, MMA stars are involved in different activities including gambling. While some accept the “Gloves & Shoves” challenge, others just want to kill time between the training or even repay their flight tickets. Read about the MMA stars who are known for their love for gambling. 

  1. Elias Theodorou

There was a lot of noise in the media and among the online casino streamers about Theodorou’s love for gambling. Elias “The Spartan” Theodorou is the winner of the popular Canadian fighting reality show “The Ultimate Fighter”, after which he received a contract with the most prestigious MMA brand UFC. Gloves&Shoves is a show challenge also popular among slot streamers where professional poker player Patrick Tardif and MMA fighter Elias Theodorou teach each other their craft. This amazing challenge gained popularity in the network so that no online casino live stream can compete with it by popularity. This source https://aboutcasinostreamers.com will acquaint you with slot streaming if interested.

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  1. Heath Herring

After “The Texas Crazy Horse” Heath Herring lost a duel to Brock Lesnar in August 2008, the ex-US MMA fighter didn’t appear in the ring again. However, he can be often seen at the poker table. He has been noted in the big sports press with only one interview in 2012 with MMA Weekly: “Recently, I mainly travel to participate in poker series tournaments,” Heath Herring told reporters at that time. “It’s a form of entertainment, but it pays off. The chances are 50/50.”

  1. Colby Covington

In Covington’s official profile on TheHendonMob, it is stated that he has earned a total of $61,537 in all his live tournaments. Meanwhile, the sportsman wants to become both the king of the ring and the poker table: “I have a very strong competitive spirit. Even when I’m resting, I’m looking for something to compete in,” Covington said in an interview with Lara Trump. “Most of all I like to play poker. I would love to be the world champion of poker – it’s cool to be the first world champion in two such different sports. Poker has a strong element of chance, but also a lot of math and understanding of the game. And when I play, my brain is freed from the stress obtained during the MMA fights.”

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  1. Antonio Braga Neto

UFC Light Heavyweight Fighter Antonio Braga Neto finished fifth in the Poker Tournament winning $4,000. Neto’s success story began after he had to fly to Florianopolis (Brazil) to give jiu-jitsu master classes. At home, the fighter wanted to earn money before his fight against Andrei Sanchez in Lincoln. However, the fighter was late for his flight and had to go by car. At the same time, he lost $250 spent on a plane ticket. During the trip, Neto stayed overnight in Sao Paulo and participated in a poker tournament with a prize pool of $80,000. Having paid 80 dollars, the fighter became one of the finalists. According to him, he plans to create his own online store to sell fighting equipment, and he will invest 20-30% of the profits in poker. 

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