Betting on MMA is a bit different compared to other sports betting. This is because, unlike any sport that has a duration of 40-60 mins, MMA and other fighting sports like boxing can end in an instant via either a TKO, a knockout, or submission. That said, there is no way when the match will end, and even though you see a match ending, there is still enough time to turn the tide of the battle. 

With the thrill that the sport brings, many bettors do like to bet on the sport because of its unpredictability. However, because of the variables that a single match can have, there is no way for you to predict the outcome. Variables can be the very thing that will make you lose money. One of the common mistakes that people make is to trust always in these variables. 

This not only applies to the matches, though, as there are also variables in a fighter’s performance and overall skill. That’s why a bettor needs to look at a FanDuel guide to betting on the UFC before making a bet. Because of the uncertainty that every match brings, bettors are prone to make some mistakes now and then. Hence, here are the most common mistakes that MMA bettors make when betting.

Favoring Personality Over Performance

Fighters train hard with a plethora of techniques and strategies to get the jump on their opponents. It’s more akin to chess at this point where a single mistake from a fighter can turn the tide of the match. 

It’s also because of this that a match can end suddenly without any warning whatsoever. Another thing that makes MMA more interesting is the hype and drama surrounding it, making it more like show business at this point.

Just look at McGregor and how rapidly he climbed up to being one of the best by showing off his strong personality among his opponents. Sure, he has the skills to back it, but it’s also because of the personality that gave him many opportunities to fight against big opponents. 

You can say that his fighting skills aren’t the only thing that makes him millions. It’s also his personality. Many fighters nowadays are trying to make a name for themselves by talking big when matched against an opponent.

While this is a good thing for the fighters to get more big fights, this can be a landmine for some bettors. Many people tend to favor personality over performance. Thus, when it’s time to bet, they bet on the fighter who has the biggest mouth. Smart bettors do their own research to see if the fighter has a chance of winning to avoid making this mistake.

Relying on the Knockout

One of the most common mistakes that bettors make is relying on the knockout too much. While this is a viable tactic to win a bet, it’s simply not going to happen every match. A smart bettor would look at the fighter’s stats, cardio, fighting style, etc., to make an educated guess about who will win the match. Simply betting that the fighter they bet on will knock out the other fighter is not always a viable strategy.

Trusting the Injury Reports too much

In contact sports, especially those that require people to punch each other, there will be injuries. However, most of these injuries don’t happen in the fight but during the training. This is pretty much obvious since, during training, fighters tend to push themselves to the limit. Everyone knows that in MMA, the fighters aren’t always at 100% when stepping into the octagon. 

You can be sure that the fighters will almost always have an injury somewhere in their body. However, they still show up for the fight to earn their salary. Fights, especially for those that are still new to the industry, don’t come much often. Hence, they tend to downplay their injuries for them to be able to fight. Because of this, injury reports are not often trusted by some, and if you’re smart, you should also take it with a grain of salt.

Betting On Every Bout

Whenever a UFC event comes around, it can be tempting for bettors to bet on each fight on the card. While this is not bad in itself, it’s still not a good idea, especially if you don’t know much of the fighters in the other fights. 

That said, only bet on the fights that you have a pretty good idea about. This, in turn, will limit your losses, and you’ll have some extra cash to bet on the main fight.


These are just some of the most common mistakes that every bettor makes now and then. While making these mistakes is normal, especially for beginners, that doesn’t mean that we should not learn from them to avoid them in the future. Like MMA, sports betting is unpredictable, and we should never compromise when it comes to money.