Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee Is The Mystery Character On ‘EA Sports UFC’ Video Game

Martial arts legend Bruce Lee is often accredited as the godfather of all modern day fighting systems, as well as being one of the best action stars of his era. Roles in ‘Enter The Dragon’, ‘Fist Of Fury’ and ‘Way Of The Dragon’ helped make Lee a household name around the globe, and his next appearance is as the mystery fighter on the new ‘EA Sports UFC’ video game.

Yes the wait is over, it has been revealed that Lee is the bonus character on the game which is set to be released on June 17 for Xbox One and PS4. UFC President Dana White spoke with MMAJunkie about the news:

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“I’m a huge Bruce Lee fan,” Dana White said “Having him as a character in the game is fun. Anytime Bruce Lee can be involved in the UFC, I’m in. I love it. This was the time to do it,” says White, who’s often dubbed Lee “the Father of MMA.” “We wanted to put Bruce Lee in the game. I’m glad it all worked out.”

“He knew that you had to have a little piece of everything to be a complete fighter,” White says. “It was never really proven until 1993, when the first UFC happened. Everything Bruce Lee said and preached turned out to be true.”

Lee’s influence on eastern cinema led to an explosion of growth for the genre, paving the way for future stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Lee’s daughter, Shannon, also commented on the news that her father will be featured on the next-gen video game:

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This is the natural progress of our relationship with the UFC,” says Lee, whose father died 20 years before the first UFC event in 1993. “I was super excited about it because while video games are fantasy, there’s always a debate going back and forth about how would my father have done in the octagon. Now we get to have a little bit of fun and see.”

“There hasn’t been a Bruce Lee video game in a while,” Shannon Lee says. “Not that this is a Bruce Lee video game, but to be able to bring my father into that space in a way that I think is super fun and pretty exciting was intriguing to me.”

Lee will be available for free with any pre-order copies of ‘EA Sports UFC’, and will feature as a bantamweight, lightweight, featherweight and welterweight character. It seems almost inevitable that the next generation of MMA (gaming) is paying homage to the man that paved the way for this sport of MMA, Bruce Lee.