Ken Shamrock Apparently Facing UFC Hall Of Famer In Inaugural Valor Bare Knuckle Show

Ken Shamrock apparently
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It was recently announced that former UFC star Ken Shamrock will be launching his own bare-knuckle boxing promotion, Valor Bare Knuckle.

The promotion’s inaugural show is set to go down on September 21 from the Bears Casino in North Dakota. Shamrock released a statement shortly after the news became official. Here’s what he had to say:

“I fell in love with bare knuckle in the first no-holds barred UFC promotion in 1993. There is nothing like bare knuckle. You have to be much more accurate with your strikes, and you have to train with a specific strategy in mind. Bare knuckle has always been my favorite way to compete because it is simply fighter against fighter, no more and no less. There is something pure and uncomplicated about that.”

No fights have been officially announced for the September 21 show. However, former UFC champion Mark Coleman took to his official Facebook page and revealed he’ll actually be fighting Shamrock on the card:

“Ken and I are finally going to share the Ring! BKB . I will no longer have to answer if I fought The Great Ken Shamrock! Good luck my friend. ?”

Also, Coleman’s longtime friend training partner Wes Sims took to social media as well, suggesting these fights will be taking place on the card as well:

  • Mark Coleman vs Ken Shamrock
  • Wes Sims vs Tra Trauma Telligman
  • Branden Hinkle vs Vernon White
  • Phil Baroni vs Mikey Burnett
  • Nick Nutter vs Pete Williams

Sims added that, “And talks to get Guy Mezger, Mark Kerr and others on the card. I’m stoked. Lion’s Den vs Hammer House BKB.”

What do you think about Shamrock facing Coleman in bare-knuckle action?

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