Junior dos Santos Wants To Welcome Tyson Fury To MMA, Rematch In Boxing

Junior dos Santos
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Tyson Fury has announced he has an interest in competing in mixed martial arts (MMA), and ever since making that announcement, he has been challenged every which way from top UFC heavyweights.

Now, former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos has thrown his name in the hat. “JDS,” speaking to MMA Fighting, says he’d love to welcome the boxing lineal heavyweight champion to the world of MMA. After that, he’d gladly rematch the Englishman inside the boxing ring.

“Both. I’d do both,” dos Santos said. “It would be perfect to fight Tyson Fury in MMA, as he wishes, and then, with a win over him, fight him in boxing, in his world. He would come to my world and then I would go to his world. It would be the pinnacle, a great moment for both sports.”

Fury has been taking his claims of a potential career in MMA very seriously. He recently took part in a training session with fellow countryman and top-ranked UFC middleweight Darren Till. Till himself said he gives Fury a 70 percent chance of actually following through and fighting in MMA. As for dos Santos, he believes Fury will follow through on his word as well, but not for any more than one fight.

“I don’t think he comes (full time) to MMA, but I think he’ll fight once,” dos Santos said. “It would be very interesting. I see the UFC going that direction as well with Zuffa Boxing and Dana White being a huge boxing fan. We saw him meeting Floyd Mayweather again, and that’s extremely beneficial for all of us. It would be a great opportunity for me. I’ve always dreamed with the opportunity of fighting a great boxer. It’s my area, it’s where I feel most comfortable.”

Dos Santos believes Fury can present interesting matchups for fighters in MMA given his boxing skillset and reach. He also respects Fury for being willing to fight in MMA, as opposed to some other boxers who have been challenged, but ignore the callout.

“Tyson Fury is an excellent boxer, has really long arms and move well for a guy his size,” dos Santos said. “I think he can definitely make an interesting fight in MMA. I’ve challenged (Anthony) Joshua in the past, and so did (Stipe) Miocic, and he played like he wasn’t listening. They stay in a safer place acting like they are better than MMA fighters, but that’s not the truth. The truth is, we’re more complete fighters and we can give them a hard night, even in their own sport.”

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