Joe Rogan Would Rather See Miocic, Not Lesnar, Face Cormier

Daniel Cormier
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UFC commentator Joe Rogan would rather see a Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic rematch than having Brock Lesnar challenge for the UFC heavyweight title.

Ever since Cormier knocked Miocic out last July to become the new heavyweight champion, it was expected that he would defend his title against Lesnar.

However, nothing has come to fruition since, with UFC president Dana White even claiming last week that it might never happen. Speaking on his latest podcast, Rogan believes it’s only fair for Miocic to get a rematch given his credentials at heavyweight.

“I get the Brock Lesnar appeal. I would rather see Stipe,” Rogan said (via MMA News). “First of all, out of respect, cause Stipe, he defended the title more than any human being that’s ever held it. He’s the No. 1 guy in the heavyweight division. So you have to rate him the greatest heavyweight of all-time. If you look about accomplishments, he’s the greatest UFC heavyweight of all-time in terms of accomplishments. Just because he’s done it [three] times.

“DC beat him obviously, if you had to rank him right now like 1 through 10, DC’s No. 1 cause he’s the champ and he knocked him out. To say he’s No. 2 would be silly. But to say the all-time most accomplished heavyweight, that’s what Stipe is. The all-time most accomplished heavyweight is Stipe.”

White also mentioned that rematch being the next logical step, but it all depends on the status of Cormier’s back injury.

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