jon jones mma scumbag list

Is it fair to say Jones acts like an idiot on social media? Yes, but he’s promoting ticket sales. Could he get as much reach if he was just constantly the good guy? Probably not, but that’s by-the-by. The truth here is that as long as Jones doesn’t care what people think of him, then how he acts on social media and at press conferences etc. doesn’t really matter. But, and to quote the title of this article, is Jon Jones actually a scumbag, and the biggest in MMA history?

Well, if he is, that may not mater either. Yes, he could go through life pissing people off with his attitude, but as long as he’s on the straight and narrow, and off the weed and coke, then who gives a damn? If he can train, live healthy, and stay on the right side of the law, then what the heck is everybody whining about?


Of course there’s the other side of the argument, that ‘Bones’ is slowly falling in to the image he is portraying, and it’s actually playing a role in his trials and tribulations in ‘real’ life. Could he be suffering from the syndrome many method actors get, as in the character is beginning to take over?

In summary, and in my personal experience, a person’s true colors will always shine through. Will Jon Jones’ attitude or maybe just his portrayed character lead him once again astray? Let’s hope not, but one thing is for sure; one day it may lead Jones to the label of biggest scumbag in MMA, but even that isn’t such a bad thing when you consider he could be serving five years in prison right now. Let’s just hope those two ends don’t meet in the future.