Jon Jones

Jon Jones’ legacy is by no means tarnished by his behaviours, but it would be foolish to think that a repeat offense such as his hit-and-run controversy in 2015 couldn’t end his MMA career for good. He was lucky not to get permanently exiled from the world of combat sports when he trashed his rental car and left a pregnant woman with a broken arm, but are his frequent and well publicized troubles just part and parcel of being a young superstar? Well yes, to an extent.

The thing with Jones is he is a massive heel, it’s how he sells fights, and this leads to a lot of debate about his true character. Whether these questions are ‘fair’ is one thing, but all you need to do is look back through history at young stars that burn out and fall off to realise why it’s important for Jones to stay on the straight and narrow. At the minimum, his health could be at risk if he goes back to his powder/leaf partaking ways.

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So that brings us to the next part of the debate, Jones’ failed drug test for cocaine, and also his admitted Marijuana addiction that threatened to consume his very being. A young guy like ‘Bones’ with suh a hectic lifestyle is bound to come across temptation, it simply comes with the territory. The difference between Jones and pretty much everyone else his age? The fact he could get seriously hurt if he messes up inside the UFC octagon. Further to that, he could literally ruin every ounce of potential he was thrust in to this world with.

Of course the New Mexico hit-and-run wasn’t the first snafu that Jones got in to while driving a car, as he’d previously written off his first Bentley in a similar situation, allegedly with some ladies of the night in tow. But who are we kidding, how many of us didn’t make mistakes in our twenties? Let’s not pretend our sh*t doesn’t stink here.


But of course Jones is in the public eye, a place he put himself, and that role model persona he is trying to impart on kids is seriously smeared if he keeps going back to the life of a carefree scumbag.

So, to the final part of this Jones opinion piece, the impact of Jones’ heel role on his image outside of fighting.

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